Brain Disorders Organizing Committee

Jan Versijpt

Neurologist, Clinic for Head and Face Pain
Brussels University Hospital

Biography: Jan VERSIJPT is the Neurologist and Head of the Clinic for Head and Fa ReadMore...

Research Interest: Neurology, Dementia

Sam Vaknin

Southern Federal University

Biography: Sam Vaknin is Visiting Professor of Psychology, Southern Federal Unive ReadMore...

Research Interest: Personality disorders

T. Chris Gamblin

Associate Professor
University of Kansas

Biography: Chris Gamblin completed his PhD with Dr. Robley Williams, Jr. at Vande ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biochemical mechanisms

Theresa D Hernandez

Professor and Chair
University of Colorado

Biography: Hernández, Ph.D. has been studying traumatic brain injury (TBI) using ReadMore...

Research Interest: clinically-based program of research is aimed at providing a ReadMore...

Wayne Carter

Lecturer & Principal Investigator
University of Nottingham

Biography: Wayne Grant Carter received his Honours degree and PhD in Biochemistry ReadMore...

Research Interest: Molecular mechanisms of hepato- and Neuro-toxicity

Michal Toborek

Professor and Vice-Chair
University of Miami

Biography: Toborek has completed his MD and PhD from the Silesian Medical Univers ReadMore...

Research Interest: Toborek’s laboratory involve studies on the integrity of t ReadMore...

Lynne Hughes

Vice President & Head
United Kingdom

Biography: Lynne Hughes has worked in clinical research for more than 33 years an ReadMore...

Research Interest: Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Neurocognitive ReadMore...

Hans Von Holst

Senior Neurosurgeon
Royal Institute of Technology

Biography: Hans von Holst received his Medical Doctor´s degree in 1976 and speci ReadMore...

Research Interest: traumatic brain injury and stroke

John L. Merritt

Professor of Medicine & Neurology
University of South Florida

Biography: John L Merritt graduated from the Medical University of South Caroli ReadMore...

Research Interest: Neuro-regeneration, Olfactory Mucosal Autografts, Stem Cell ReadMore...

Ramesh C Gupta

Vice Chancellor
Radha Govind University

Biography: Ramesh Gupta is Vice Chancellor of Radha Govind University Ramghar, Jh ReadMore...

Research Interest: Natural & Synthetic Drug Development, role of sulfur amino a ReadMore...